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Why Sexy Footwear Is Preferred By Men In The Bedroom

Every person has a known or unknown sexual fetish. A few fetishes are a complete turn on others are so weird. The foot and shoe fetish is one of the most popular fetish there is. A kind of sexual stimulation arises once a man sees a woman in heels. A woman who dresses up and wears sexy heels during sexual escapades according to research, is the preferred preference for a man. It is a footwear fetish if shoes must be involved when you are having sex with your partner. If you are just attracted to shoes with no sexual experience, that is just a desire.

In any human beings’ mind there are sexual fantasies. Seeing their partners wear high sexy footwear, men have their sexual fantasies somehow fulfilled. Women who wear high heels are naturally attractive to men. As long as a footwear fetish does not harm the other partner, it is right to have one. Secret sexual fantasies are fulfilled when they are physical implemented. Men also prefer sexy footwear because it enhances the body of a woman. When a woman stands upright in high footwear, it brings out her shape which is a complete turn on to the man.

It does not bother a man if he is grazed by the sexy footwear or whether there is pain involved because, the mind of the man has been programmed to be pleasured by the footwear. It is the opposite, it drives the man wild if the sexy footwear grazes his body. Wearing pleaser heels make a woman feel good and very confident. Wearing the sexy footwear and showing confidence will turn on your man. During sex, your man will want you more if you also show you are feeling sexy and wanted.

A woman can bring out her floozy side by wearing sexy footwear for her man during their sexual escapades. Men surprisingly have that kind of fetish. You complete their fantasies when you dress up because they weirdly admire having intercourse with a companion. If both of you connect and it is not weird to the other partner, so be it. Having to put on pleaser heels and having a mirror in the room is another fetish for men. Seeing a reflection of you through the mirror wearing sexy footwear during sex is a view to uphold. It does not necessarily matter about the fetish as long as both of the partners are comfortable doing them with no shame and awkwardness.

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The Ultimate Guide to Footwear